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Pest Control for Rats in Mumbai

Rat Pest Control Mumbai

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Rodent Control Mumbai

Rats and mice are among the most widespread and cunning of the animals that live on man for their food and shelter. Because of this dependency they can sometimes be found even in the best kept premises. They cause epidemics and diseases.

A Sai Pest Control performs a methodical study of rats to ensure effective rodent control Mumbai. We ensure the latest and the most effectual technology is used for pest control for rats in Mumbai. A Sai Pest Control Mumbai provides highly targeted treatment to deal with rat problems and will advise on how to keep your rats free home in the future.

We offer effective rodent control services. Notorious for their nature of harming valuable property, rats can create havoc in agricultural produce or in residences. They contaminate food by their urine, feaces, and impart foul odor.
This menace is efficiently addressed by our rodent control programme, wherein we comprehend the following aspects primarily:
• Degree of attack
• Premises to be treated - home, bakery, hotel, pharma R & D, hotels.

Our techniques:
• Use of poison baits
• Use of sticky traps
• Fumigation techniques.
• Use of mechanical traps

Pest Control for Rats in Mumbai

Pest Control for Rats in Mumbai

Rat Repellent Mumbai

Rat Repellent Mumbai

Various methods for rodent control are:-

1. Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller Machine

Ultrasonic Rodent Repellers are electronic transmitters of high frequency sound (well above the 20 KHz frequency which is the upper limit of the hearing range of the human ear). They emit intensive sound at high decibel levels (sound pressure) that is audible and painful to pests but is inaudible and harmless to humans. The pests will usually leave the area being protected by the ultrasound. They do not get killed.

The powerful sound waves generated by the transducers of repellers are within the hearing range of many pests and cause them pain and discomfort. Sometimes they will leave the area being protected immediately, in other cases it will take as long as two to three weeks before significant reduction in infestation occurs.

2. Mechanical Or Glue Rodent Traps

Mechanical rodent control techniques are more appropriate in house holds. The commonly used method is trapping. The treatment comprises placing mechanical traps and sticky or glue traps.

3. Rodent Bait Stations

Rodent Bait Station is an important constituent in chemical and mechanical control of Rodents. The Rodent Bait Station is a rectangular metal box in which rodent bait or glue trap is kept.

4. Rat Repellent

What is Rat Repellent

Rat Repellent is a unique mouse / rat repellent. Apply Rat Repellent for twenty days in the infested area and keep away rat/ mouse from the area for several days.

Why Rat Repellent?

With Rat Repellent you can forget the days of removing dead rats and enjoy a world free from rat menace. Rat Repellent is an ideal and long-term solution to Rat menace.

How To use?

Remove the label and place in the infested area for 20 days.

Where to place Rat Repellent?

House/ Buildings: Place the provided container (Rat Repellent – cake form) in the kitchen, work area and rooms with rat trouble. Keep one container per room of 200 square feet area.

Open area/ agriculture fields: Place the container in the infested area. Keep one container per 200 square feet. May be used only in the area of disturbance in your complete field.


• Ensure keeping the container in the same spot for 20 days continuously for better results
• Rat Repellent gives best results when used in the area of infestation than keeping in its passage
• Apply in all the infested areas of your compound / building

How does it work?

The application of Rat Repellent temporarily affects the mucous membrane of rats. The rats after a long exposure, gradually starts developing a fear to the smell and hence, moves away from the area where it is applied.

The fear is well communicated with the other rats. As a result, its application can keep away other rats also from the area for a long time.

Note that rats will visit the area for 7-10 days before the repellency begins and rats start running away from the surroundings.

How does the product help in controlling rat population?

It is found that access to food or harvesting season facilitates high breeding rates in rats. Therefore, cutting access to food can bring down rat population.

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They also infest offices, shops, godowns etc. Basically, they live indoors. Rats are very suspicious. That is why they cannot be easily controlled by just putting any poison available in the market. Even if some rats eat the poison and die, the remaining learn a lesson and stay away from the poison. This nature of rats is called 'Bait shyness'.

To eliminate all the rats, we therefore use a different type of poison - an anti coagulant. It is mixed with a bait material which is very attractive to rats. It is more effective because rats do not die immediately. They die only after about four days. They therefore do not become bait-shy and the entire population of rats starts eating the bait. And after about 8 days, all the rats die.

Why are Rodenticide/ Rat traps often ineffective?

Rats become aware of rodenticide after few rats are poisoned and also recognize traps upon seeing trapped rats. They also communicate the danger to other rats. Hence, it becomes impossible to catch or kill more than few rats by these methods.

The ineffectiveness of Rodenticide/ Rat traps is evident from the amount of damage rats create in spite of its usage. High breeding rates and comparatively low killing rates of rats due to its fast awareness to traps and poisons stand as the main reason to the ineffective result of rodenticide / rat traps.

Our rat control operates on two levels:

• Elimination of existing rats
• Preventing future infestation

Rodents are a potential health risk. They survice on waste food and contaminate living area with urine and droppings. They can easily climb on pipes, cables and enter into structures. Rats cut into valuable office cables disrupting regular work and bringing it to halt. Both rats and mice need to be controlled and our rodent control service is designed to do so.