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Prevention of virus Disease 2019

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“Virus” has become a health hazard globally.

While much is being said and done, it is still creating global fear. But as we say precaution is better than cure. We shortlisted few points that you could take as a preventive measure.

• Wear a mask if you are taking care of a Virus infectant, or if you have cough and cold.
• Wash your hands frequently, especially after traveling or using public lifts, doors. You could also use alcohol based Sanitizers.
• Avoid touching your face with your hands before washing.
•Use disinfectant for your clothes and wash your clothes every day.
• As an additional measure you could also get your house and office sanitized by a pest control agent. They have special techniques that helps disinfect aerial viruses.

Stop Virus from spreading.

Virus Disinfectant

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